kVisi Frequently Asked Questions

How does kVisi work?

You open the mobile app and choose a half hour slot of your convenience, for pickup and dropoff. Our service people will arrive with our branded kVisi laundry and garment bags, which you get to keep, and will pick up your load. From this point on you can sit back and follow the different stages of your order through the app and only after we return your load we will securely charge you through the app. Unfortunately without an accurate address or without a valid credit card, which you insert inside the app, we will not be able to offer service.


How do I know what is the bill
and how do I pay?

You can find our full price list on the help page of the app or on our website at www.kvisi.com. After our service people picked up your load, they will enter the different items in your account and you will be able to see your bill on the payment history tab of the app menu. After your load is returned to you we will securely charge your credit card.


Why can’t I order service without an exact address within the coverage area or without
a valid credit card?

In providing service we need your exact address and a valid credit card in order to charge your account. Unfortunately without these essential details we will not be able to provide service.


Can kVisi pick up or drop off the load from
a reception desk or behind my door?

kVisi will allow pickup and dropoff from the a reception desk (if available) or from behind your door. However, we cannot be responsible for your load. Therefore, you are asked to notify us in writing and to write clear instructions in the special notes section of the app when you place your order.


How kVisi calculate the weight of laundry?

Our business focus at kVisi is to give our customers the best service possible. kVisi’s (service) is unique due to its commitment to wash each customer’s laundry separately without mixing it with otheres.

What is the coverage area of kVisi?

At the moment kVisi is providing service only in Tel Aviv, ramat gan, givatayim. We will soon expand our reach further. You can download the app and if your address is not inside our coverage area, we will notify you as you enter your address. The moment your address will be within our reach we will send you a message and let you know. You can also find our coverage map on our website at www.kvisi.com


Does kVisi offer the app in English?

She does! Even though you wouldn't be able to enjoy our top quality app design if you use the English version, we do support the app in english. In order to change the app language to English, please download the app and go to the menu. Then press the language change Icon and it will change the language of the app from Hebrew to English.