kVisi and the community

Since 1998, Pitchon Lev has been working to fulfill an ideology and vision – that there will be no hungry, poor or needy people in the State of Israel.


Recently kVisi and Pitchon Lev started a cooperation in which kVisi’s customers can donate their cloths to people in need through Pitchon Lev.


How does it work?

Each time you order your dry cleaning or laundry to be picked up by kVisi you can also give us your cloths for donation and our delivery team will deliver them to Pitchon Lev.


You can donate cloths and shoes in any condition. The cloths in good condition will be donated and those in poor condition will be sent to recycling - Proceeds will be used by Pitchon Lev once again to assist the community.


So what are you waiting for?